I have been a technology nut for as long as I remember. It started out simply stringing extension cords together, then grew to making improvements to my grandparents' radios (which dad had to "unimprove" to make work again!). Later on, I did actually start doing more good than harm to electronics I worked on.

My father is a retired electrical engineer, so he gets credit for my interest in electronics. He always had something interesting going on in his workshop. Neighbors soon got used to seeing fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars around the house - often with lights running as dad was working on something on them.

Some of my projects were noticed by the local fire/rescue/police dispatcher as they .....um..... didn't behave themselves and acted like transmitters. I had always wanted to get my ham radio license, but Morse code was my downfall. I passed the old first class radiotelephone license test in 1980, but didn't make the cut for code. Finally in 1992, while stationed at Bolling AFB, I tested for and got my Technicians class license. Now that Morse code is no longer required, I need to get my upgrade....years late.

I am also a computer nut and a fan of playing around with the software under the hood - therefore the emphasis (I hope) on open source software.

I'll be adding to this as time goes by..........