I felt the call to add a blog to deal strictly with my Christian faith. The name is "Let's Talk Faith".  Once I get it going, I will be sharing Bible studies, general thoughts, and answering questions from the Bible. Hopefully, some Christian friends will also be interested in participating. Currently registrations are closed as I get the basic structure set up, hopefully it will be open for business shortly (probably before the rest of this site is ready for business due to its importance).  

I also want to develop basic ground rules for behavior in discussions for articles posted on the blog. Essentially, personal attacks will be frowned upon, while discussion and even debate is OK within lines of respectful conversation.

Please note that my goal is to truly use the Bible as a resource, and everything stated will be based on it, not personal feelings.

I am a techie, but first and foremost, I am a Christian! I call sin sin, but as a sinner (I honestly am not the least bit proud of my sins), I absolutely will not judge anybody - but again - I will call Sin for what it is....sin.