I've been around, but having some health issues. Hopefully they are resolved and I'll be a bit more active (anything would be more active!). I've missed working on the site and bringing what may be goodies to the site....hopefully that will finally happen. Both blogs have not had any updating either.  That should change as well.

I felt the call to add a blog to deal strictly with my Christian faith. The name is "Let's Talk Faith".  Once I get it going, I will be sharing Bible studies, general thoughts, and answering questions from the Bible. Hopefully, some Christian friends will also be interested in participating. Currently registrations are closed as I get the basic structure set up, hopefully it will be open for business shortly (probably before the rest of this site is ready for business due to its importance).  

This time I knew there was likely a problem in the brewing after making a change. So much for moving things around without telling the software where I put them. Now I'm just waiting for the server's cache to run out and see what else disappears....

I broke something and it wasn't even my fault! I was trying to put an RSS feed to my Walt's Ruminations Blog and it broke everything!!!! Yes, I mean everything went kaput....didn't even circle the drain either. yell It is good to be back even if I don't have anything important to say!

I really believe I have found software that works I like. I'm doing a lot of stuff on the back end so I'm not posting a lot here yet There are still several things I want to experiment with first before getting too involved in front end work. For now, probably progress reports and a lot of testing will be obvious if anybody looks in on the site. There is still a lot of learning for the software and I'm going to make my own manual so I can get around easier making changes and setting up.