Well, OK, this really isn't as much fun as the title makes it out to be....maybe....


I wanted a stand for the Dremel stand I bought which would raise it up a bit and provide storage. Dremel provides small cases with each handpiece to hold attachments, etc. When you buy certain attachment/insert kits, they provide a nice larger case. I wanted to be able to keep both case sizes underneath, so above is the result. Not very pretty, but I don't consider work areas to be beauty spots anyway. After taking this picture, I added a slot to hold the router bits for the plunge router attachment.

The cases could have fit much closer together, but I wanted to have room to reach in and pull one out. If you look closely at the bottom front area you will see a groove. There is a matching groove at the top. I have a board routed to fit in the grooves to keep the cases from falling out if I need to take the stand somewhere. I have a hole so I can put a nail in to keep the board from sliding out.


[I am playing with this article.... it will be a finished product, but I'm working on tweaking images -  I know it has been a while and I'm still saying this.... a lot is going on at the moment and time has been very hard to come by. I've just not gotten in the groove yet on keeping the site fresh.]