How Many Irons CAN One put in a Fire?

I’m working on too many projects at once. I am trying to get the main site up and running with a CMS (content management system), but all I have been able to locate and install seem to be nothing more than glorified blogging software or news outlet software. I also started a second blog on the WordPress site just for whatever………………..

Not much progress is happening on the new forum either.

At the least, I know I need to supply connections to my old pages which are still here on the server. Style consistency will take a beating, but at least if something somebody wants to look into is there, they can.

I may just lean more toward blogging after all……. time will tell.

Been a While (again-again)

I posted here one year ago today promising to do better…things have been busy and once again I want to get back to making relevant posts. I will be dropping my second site, adding a new forum here to cover both open source software, computers and ham radio. I’m playing with the code for that forum now locally. It is a common forum, and since it is open source, I am looking into tweaking it a bit before turning it loose in the wild. I have done away with the old Beehive forum software and simply have a placeholder in place until I get the new one up and running. Hopefully I will have it going before this time next year.

Hopefully I will be freshening up the site, too.